Soundbox SR-M Movable Office Silence Pod Phone Booth for 2-Person

Vendor: Soundbox
Color: Matte White
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Soundbox SR-M Movable Office Silence Pod Phone Booth for 2-Person - Gavisco Premium Office Furniture

Soundbox SR-M Movable Office Silence Pod Phone Booth for 2-Person


Soundbox SR-M Movable Office Silence Pod Phone Booth for 2-Person

Color: Matte White


  • 100-240V/50-60Hz power supply.
  • 4000K/750Lux natural lighting system.
  • Turbo fresh air system.
  • Motion sensor and switch control for light and fan.
  • Emergency safety hammer.

25dB: the Optimal Soundproofing Level for Your Comfort
With adjustable sound insulation of approximately 25 dB, our solution ensures a balanced audio experience between indoor and outdoor environments. It creates a serene and non-oppressive atmosphere that caters to both physical and mental well-being.

Tempered Soundproofing Glass
Featuring 10mm thick tempered glass, our solution effectively reduces external noise while preventing sound leakage from within the booth, ensuring a higher level of privacy protection.

Premium Sound-absorbing Materials
Utilizing high-density sound-absorbing materials, effectively reducing echo and achieving a reverberation time (RT) of 0.25 seconds. This not only enhances clarity but also improves sound insulation for an optimal acoustic experience.

Customized Shock Absorption Foot Pads
Featuring specially designed rubber damping foot pads at the bottom, effectively reducing vibrations from the surroundings and minimizing resulting noise. With an 8mm gap between the bottom and the floor, it allows for easy mobility.

Low-Noise Ventilation System
Our ventilation system ensures a complete air exchange in the cabin every two minutes, maintaining optimal oxygen levels indoors while minimizing noise generated by the airflow.

4000K Natural Light Temperature LED Lighting
With a warm white color temperature, our LED lights provide a natural and comfortable illumination, creating a bright and pleasant environment.

Recyclable Carbon Fiber Material
Our solution is crafted from recyclable carbon fiber material, which is not only lighter in weight compared to conventional aluminum panels used in other soundproof booths but also more durable and resistant to deformation. It is further enhanced with a fire-resistant coating and equipped with an emergency safety hammer, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

E0 Environmental Grade Materials
All materials and furnishings in the booth are designed to meet the E0 environmental grade, ensuring they are free from toxins and formaldehyde. This commitment to safety and environmental friendliness guarantees peace of mind during usage.

PIR Motion Sensor
Equipping with PIR sensor that automatically turn off the lights and ventilation fan when there is no one inside the booth. This feature not only saves energy but also provides convenience. Additionally, a manual switch is also available for manual control.

Moisture-proof, Mould Resistant and Resilient against Deformation
Durable, easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance with hassle-free upkeep.

Add-on Furniture Options
We offer a wide range of furniture configurations for the booth, allowing you to choose the suitable furniture and equipment for different scenarios and needs.

No Wiring Needed, Just Plug and Play
With just one power outlet, you can easily supply the necessary electrical power to the booth.

Comprehensive Customer Support Service
On-site installation and dismantlement within 1 day.
Main body of the Movable Silence Booth is covered with 1-year maintenance. Relocation service is available if needed.

Soundbox SR-S Movable Office Silence Pod Phone Booth
External size: W1500*d1236*h2300
Internal size: W1340d1200h2140
Gross weight: 450kg
Net weight: 390kg

Q: What are the charges for delivery and installation?
A: For orders with a total purchase amount over HK$6,000, we provide free delivery and assembly services (Some products may not be eligible for these terms. Refer to our delivery and installation terms for more information.) A basic fee of HK$400 will be required for delivery and assembly services If the order's total purchase amount is below HK$6,000.


Q: What is the estimated delivery timeframe after placing an order?
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Q: Do you have any discounts or promotions?
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Q: What payment methods do you accept?
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Q: Are there any warranties or guarantees on your products?
A: Yes, we take pride in offering high-quality office furniture built to last. Many of our products come with warranties to guarantee their quality and durability. The specific warranty details can vary depending on the product. Please refer to the product description regarding the warranty coverage for a specific item.


Q: Do you provide used furniture disposal?
A: Yes, we offer furniture disposal services. The disposal fee will depend on the type, size, and quantity of the furniture. For more details, please refer to our furniture disposal page.


Q: Which products are not eligible for installation and assembly services?
A: The following products are not eligible for our installation and assembly services:

  • Products that explicitly state they do not include installation service.
  • Ergotron and Brateck products.
  • Monitor arms.
  • Accessories products.
  • Electronic parts such as socket plates, light sets, and power cables.

Please note that this list may not cover all products that are not included in the service terms. We encourage you to inquire about specific products to confirm if they are eligible for installation and assembly services.


Q: Is there anything I should be aware of regarding installation and assembly services?
A: Not all products may be eligible for installation and assembly services. For more information, we recommend referring to our delivery and installation terms. Additionally, please be aware that electronic parts such as socket plates, light sets, and power cables are not included in the service. Feel free to inquire for more details regarding the specific service terms.


Q: Do you offer international shipping?
A: While our services are primarily limited to Hong Kong, we may offer international shipping to certain countries. Please note that additional shipping costs will apply for international orders, and no assembly services will be provided. For more information regarding international shipping, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.



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  • Gavisco reserves the right to make the final decision on any matters related to our services. We also retain the right to amend these service terms as necessary.

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